The NorthWest Crossing Business Association

The NorthWest Crossing Business Association, also

known as VisitNWX, is an association of business

owners, property owners, and individuals who share

common interests for the NorthWest Crossing

business community of Bend.

Our vision is to enhance and promote economic

development for NorthWest Crossing businesses.

Our members advocate for existing and future

businesses and provide opportunities for networking,

marketing, and community events for the surrounding


NorthWest Crossing is an award-winning community

with independent, walkable business districts and a

hub for community events that include the Bend Ale

Run, Kids Criterion, Bend Marathon, Farmers Market, and Christmas Tree Lighting. The community of NorthWest Crossing hosts a variety of events to maximize marketing opportunities and visibility for your business.

We believe that NorthWest Crossing is a space for our fast growing community to connect with one another, engage with our local businesses, learn something new, and build experiences and memories. Being a part of a business association is the key to maintaining a vibrant community center.  We encourage NorthWest Crossing businesses to check out our Membership page and consider joining our vibrant community. 

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