Membership Benefits

NWX is a growing and vibrant community. If you are one of the 175+ businesses here, consider joining the NWX business association. A business association is only as good as it's members, and we need you! 

Creating Community

NorthWest Crossing is a vibrant community with many (175+ and growing) businesses located in the NWX Business District. VisitNWX has assumed the role of organizing events, maintaining a website, providing business and neighbor communication, as well as advocacy and promotion for our community. All of this can't happen without your help!​

Working Together

Our employee community has grown quite large and contributes daily to our business community. We are planning an employee discount program for the benefit of our NWX business community and to encourage local habits.

Connecting People

With so many businesses and the new Discovery West neighborhood developing soon (600+ homes) we are in a key position to connect NWX residents and businesses. As our network grows, we hope to facilitate cross-promotions, partner on events, share information through our website and community calendar, and build the NWX community together.

NWX Business Directory on

  • Post Events to our Community Calendar

  • Post Jobs Openings Networking Opportunities

  • Meet Your Neighbors

  • Co‐marketing & Networking events

  • Collaborate on NWX improvement projects


Community Events

  • Support the NWX Annual Tree Lighting & Holiday Events

  • Create community events that bring business to NWX

Community Service

  • Working together to support local nonprofits and those in need


Advertising Benefits

  • VisitNWX member and community promotion through social media, print and other platforms

  • Accesss to our NWX Newsletter delivered to 1500+ NWX residents

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