Frequently Asked Questions

The NorthWest Crossing Business Association is here to help our community in any way we can. To start, please consider the links and answers below to some frequently asked questions. Thank you!


  • Traffic & Safety Concerns

Since all streets in NWX are public streets owned and operated by the City of Bend, they are the appropriate contact:

  • Park Use

All parks in NWX are owned and operated by Bend Park and Recreation District. Concerns, reservation requests and other inquiries should be directed to them.

  • School Activity and Use

For information about public schools in and around NWX, contact the Bend-LaPine School District:

  • NWX Farmers Market

For vendor inquiries and schedule, please visit

  • Residential Community

For information on the residential development of NorthWest Crossing, please visit

Summit West is the local neighborhood association. You can find their information and sign up for the newsletter here.

  • Construction Development & Activity 

Inquiries for the City of Bend City Development Department should be directed here:

If you want to research a particular property in Deschutes County, you may find more information here:

Info on Discovery West Construction:

Construction progress on The Grove in NWX (plans for the Grove)

  • Local Business Interest 

For futher information on local businesses: