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Five Talent is a business ideation and custom software development company with professionals based in Oregon and Washington. We specialize in Mobile apps, IoT applications, Web apps, Big Data, Legacy to Cloud re-architecting and DevOps. The pace of today’s disruptive technologies is moving so fast it can feel almost impossible to keep up. Fortunately, our experienced team of strategic software architects is trained to run this innovation marathon. As your partner, we’re inspired by the race for new ideas. We know how to tackle your toughest challenges, uncover new opportunities, and deliver high velocity solutions that will help you respond, adapt, and win. We’re serious about making certain your technology investments are good ones. That’s why we listen, ask questions, and do our research. And then we rev up our idea engines and get to work finding the answers. Successful projects begin with a strong relationship that integrates your wisdom and insights with our expertise and experience. Most of all, we believe that doing the right thing results in remarkable results – for you and your business.

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